“After seeing 25-30 patients a day, I was exhausted and not satisfied that I was delivering health care in an efficient way.  I did not feel that I was making an impact with my patients in terms of advocacy, education, and empowerment. I wanted to make an impact in medicine and the community.  I also wanted to work more efficiently and have a better work-life balance.” --Dr. Hooks

Welcome to my medical practice, Phoenix Health & Wellness PC.  I founded this practice in order to provide quality, comprehensive care to patients, empower and educate patients about health and wellness, utilizing the most innovative technology to deliver health care.  We feel that medicine is our calling and allows us to use our skill set to improve patient’s health individually and in the community overall.

Our mission (purpose) is to provide affordable, high quality, comprehensive health care services to improve the health of our patients and the community we serve.  

We want to provide a positive patient experience with every visit or encounter with the provider and staff whether that be in person or over the phone.  We want to be courteous and polite to our patients and address their health concerns in a timely and professional manner. We want to empower patients to advocate and improve their overall care.  We want to be educators and inspire our patients to be actively involved their health care and wellness. We want to provide an excellent level of customer care. Phoenix Health & Wellness PC wants to offer more convenient ways to access health care via telemedicine and concierge medicine as well as aesthetics and medical weight loss.  

Our vision is to empower our patients to innovate their health and wellness through education and accountability and to make an impact on an individual and community basis with consistent, quality integrated health care that is delivered in a convenient, affordable, and innovative manner.  

Our values are the following:


  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service
  • Excellence
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Integrity & Quality



Phoenix Health & Wellness PC
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