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Phoenix Health & Wellness PC: Telemedicine

Dr. Bertina Hooks at Phoenix Health and Wellness PC in Roseville is offering telemedicine as well as after hours/urgent care scheduling as of November 2018.  We are all busy with work and personal commitments occupying our time but it is important that we put our health and wellness as a priority as well.  You can schedule an video or telephone appointment with Dr. Hooks online regarding a medical or health concern you have.  Telemedicine is convenient and allows access to health care from anywhere via any smartphone, computer, or tablet.  Most insurances cover telemedicine visits.  Telemedicine allows a physician to interview a patient, do a limited physical exam, review pertinent medical history including medications and allergies, order and review diagnostic labs and imaging as well send referrals and electronic prescriptions and discuss treatment options with a patient anytime or where.  Telemedicine is used for triage and urgent care visits for such medical concerns such as indigestion/GERD/heartburn, colds and flus, sinusitis, pharyngitis (sore throat), and urinary tract infections.  Telemedicine is also useful for uncomplicated emergency room and hospitalization follow ups as well as medication reconciliation and prescription and referral requests.  Telemedicine can also be used for chronic care management of conditions such as heart failure, diabetes, hypertension in elderly patients who are home bound in conjunction with home health care services.  Telemedicine can also be used for medical advice or triage in order to provide medical treatment advice and options as well as direct the patient to the appropriate level of care.  It is an innovative resource and tool that is being under utilized.  Please check out my medical practice website,, for more details and call (916) 299-6501 to schedule a telemedicine appointment today.

Bertina M Hooks

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