Phoenix Health & Wellness PC: About Dr. Hooks

I want you to learn more about who I am and what my practice is about.  I am a board certified internal medicine physician who was born and raised in the Midwest.  Since childhood, I have been passionate about medicine.  I worked as a volunteer at my local hospital and have participated in medical missions to underserved areas.  I strive to provide the best care for my patients.  I am a mentor and educator.  I love to make a positive impact in patients’ lives by empowering and educating them about health and wellness so they can live their best lives.  I am a working mother who knows how hectic and stressful life can be.  I want my patients to put their health and wellness as a priority and adopt habits that promote a healthier lifestyle whether it be dietary changes, activity modification, or a combination of multiple healthy behaviors such as smoking cessation, reducing alcohol intake, and getting adequate sleep.  I love to practice medicine but I also enjoy healthy lifestyle.  I exercise and eat healthy.  I take vitamins and supplements as well as drink adequate water and minimize alcohol, soda, or coffee.  I empathize with my patients and try to incorporate features into my practice that will make my patients have a positive, rewarding experience.  I try to make policies and implement services that will make it easier for these patients to incorporate healthy habits.  I have walk in and same day appointments on Fridays.  I also offer telemedicine services.  I also have an electronic health record as well as website where you can request an appointment, request a referral or lab request, request a prescription refill, or access your medical record.  Although your health is a priority, I know you have lives to live and enjoy.  I want to make health care access convenient for patients but also comprehensive and quality. 

I love to travel and read as well as cook.  I love listening to live music especially while exercising because it motivates me.  I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I want to encourage and empower patients to stay engaged in life and with their health.  I provide educational resources and live streaming health education in my office.  I also write blogs and other educational posts on social media and website.  I also mentor youth who are interested in being successful in whatever field they pursue. 

Bertina M Hooks

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